Sunday, April 26, 2015

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Q is for Questions

These days it seems as though I'm always in a conversation.
With myself.
Deciphering my child's state seems to me like an endless game of twenty questions. Parenthhood is good training grounds for a detective. So when I see some strange squirming, I begin my interrogation.
"Are you hungry, my sweet pea?"
"Aaw. Grk."
"Really? You looked like you're hungry. Hmm. Do you need a change of diaper?"
Sniff. Sniff. "Bua! Affafa?" Squeals.
"Doesn't smell like it. Is your tummy hurting?"
"BUUA! AFFAFAFAFA!!" A rattle missile zips past.
"What's happening? Why'd you look so discontent?"
"Bruka. Faaaffa. Mmma."
"You must be sleepy. Are you sleepy?"
At times I feel like the engineer who pushes all the buttons of an equipment randomly. At some point one of the combination of buttons works and the machine comes to life.
Some days are better. I don't need too many questions and I can read the signs well. Other times, well. It's usually a long night then.

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  1. Oh I so remember those days! Sounds like you've already got a good handle on what parenting is all about. Even when they grow up and speak your language, sometimes there are still biiiig communication gaps! LOL. Good luck and congratulations! Hope you'll finish out the A to Z!!! Lisa, co-host AtoZ 2015, @


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