Thursday, April 30, 2015

Mostly Mamina...blogging from A to Z ...Z

Z is for zzzz

I admit that this year the A to Z adventure for me has been sub ideal. I mostly hadn't the energy to type out the sentences that were floating in my mind. I've sometimes carried some of the blog posts in my mind for days, amazed that I can recollect it at all. It was a strange experience for me.
But then I can't deny the lesson my daughter taught me. Persistence pays off. A little late with posts but I got them all in. Typing out my words when really all I want is to gather some zzzs. 
It's been a great month. Spring is finally here in the midwest and summer is not far behind. So I wrap this challenge up with something I found that spoke volumes to me. Thousand words and all that:

Mostly Mamina...blogging from A to Z ...Y

Y is for yum!

I am guilty of such vicious lies! I cannot believe that I am wired this way. 
So I feel guilty. Every time I mix up a mucky looking gruel with fruit all mashed up, and quickly oxidizing to a dark shade of ick. Or vegetables boiled to a unappetizing color of mud. Then I scoop it up and tell my daughter "mmm yummy!" in an attempt to get her to eat it. It's healthy but groan, it does look sad.
I'm sure the lies I tell my little Innocence will land me in the hottest hell.

Mostly Mamina...blogging from A to Z ...X

X is for xylophone or toys that make sounds.

When I say xylophone I really mean the battery powered contraption that is mostly out of tune but will put forth sounds in frequencies close to the established notes. I'm not sure they make real ones for babies. I certainly don't remember playing with one. 
I don't understand thefascination it holds for babies but then again I was one a long time ago. Memories don't go that far back. 
Actually, at this point I only remember wincing at the sounds while my baby was absolutely fascinated by it. Perhaps it's time to introduce her to a well tuned guitar.

Mostly Mamina...blogging from A to Z ...W

W is for walking.

April has been a great month for us. It's the month when my daughter decided that crawling along albeit in her different way is not enough. And she decided to take her first step. 
What struck me the most was the persistence. She kept trying and trying until she got the strength and figured out the dynamics. It was heart wrenching to sit by and watch her try to pull herself up and not give a helping prop. 
But that's the way Nature rolls.
Try and try. If you don't succeed, try again.
Lesson learned.

Mostly Mamina...blogging from A to Z ...V

V is for vaavva or vocabulary of a sub-year baby.

Vaaavva. That's one of the first vowel consonant combinations that my baby tried. It's definitely amusing to watch her try different sounds. Mmma, Brrua. From such simple trials are born vast vocabularies of languages.
I remember meeting a mother in a store speaking broken, incorrect English to her son. When I asked why she doesn't just talk to her son in her native Indian language since he has other places in the US that he could learn English (ahem, correct English, I meant) she looked at me as if I was crazy. "He will get confused, no?"
I, just like most children in the diverse city of Mumbai, learned four languages by the time I was three. My child probably will pick up two or if we're lucky, three. We can pack it all away somewhere in that little big brain of ours.
Human beings never cease to amaze me.