Tuesday, April 28, 2015

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R is for Roll over.

This is a part of my forever whine about societal pressure.
The moment a baby is born it all starts. The push to get you to push your child is so intense in our society.
"Quit your job."
"Did she latch? Arent you going to breast feed?"
"Don't quit your job."
"Are you not going to give her formula? If she doesnt train on the bottle, how will she manage at the daycare?"
"Make sure she eats all solids by the time she's a year old!"
"Make sure she takes to reading as soon as possible! Start reading to her as soon as she's two days old."
"Three months already? Has she rolled over yet? No? Teach her! Teach her!"

So I waited for someone to tell me how to teach a baby to roll over. Its a no go.
All I hear through the 'advice' is "Push, Push. Push." And here I was thinking that pushing was done *before* the baby came out.

Oh well.

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