Sunday, April 26, 2015

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P is for Parenting philosophy.

Some years ago, I was not a mother and I had definite views on parenting. I had ideas the way things should be. I was more likely to roll my eyes at tantrums and say "These parents!"

Now I'm a parent. And now I know the true meaning of the phrase 'Dont knock it till you've tried it.'
There's nothing in the world that prepares you for the changes when another life enters the equation. The thing is that parenting philosophy and ideas are all fine and dandy until you have another living, breathing and more importantly, thinking human in the mix. My daughter is peeling off all my so called ideas of parenting one little pinch at a time. Every day seems to be square one.

Now I am more likely to shake my head at tantrums and say, "Sigh."

Its lunch time. With her head shaking vigorously my daughter lets out short wails every couple of moments. Seated on the high chair, she is ready to throw a tantrum. To fling her toys and cheerio puffs on the floor. I breathe deep, steadying myself to invoke my inner firm mom. Lessons from yoga and meditation flash into my mind in quick succession.
I steel myself and bring the spoon of gruel to her, with visions of it being plastered on the walls from a quick shove with her tiny hands.
When she smiles her sweetest and opens her mouth willingly.
"What, me? I'm the sweetest kid on the block!"

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