Sunday, April 5, 2015

Mostly Mamina. Blogging from A to Z...D

D is for daycare.

"The first day at the daycare will be a nightmare," they said. "Don't worry, though. It will be worse for you than for the baby, they always adjust easily." 
And they were not far off. The first part was right. The second wasn't.
It didn't help that when we went to drop off baby, one of the infants decided things weren't going his favor and let go his vocal chords. 
That was my introduction to sympathetic crying. It took precisely three seconds for other babies to join him. Anna looked around at the situation and her lower lip quivered. That was the warning she gave us before beginning her bawl. Complete with large tears flowing down her cheeks and looking perfectly miserable.
The next few days were filled with tears, refusal to drink anything at the daycare, our anxiety that "she'll get dehydrated, she'll ruin her stomach remaining hungry, she'll cry her eyes out."
We needn't have worried. (Isn't that the hindsight every parent has most times?)
Today she loves it. Its a place where she has other humans her size and toys galore. No fuss as she's left there in the morning. 
It hasn't changed for me much, though. The entire day goes by with me checking the monitoring site for updates.
Baby is thriving in social situations. Enjoying herself with new gizmos, caregivers, other babies and music sessions.
But the smile that lights up her face as I go to pick her up is several million lumens bright. Some days it says "ooh, you're back, look at the goodies they've left out for me to play with! Wanna join me?" And then some days it's "hi Mamina! Happy to see you again!"

It has been tight last few days, and the blogs on C and D have been swimming in my head dying to be typed out. Now that I am all caught up, I hope to be on time the rest of the alphabet!


  1. Oh I remember this phase :) I wrote an entire series of posts on it on my parenting blog :) I love how they settle in after the initial hiccups :)

    *Shailaja/Alternate Angles/A-Z*

    1. I should go through those posts, Shailaja. Thank you for visiting!

  2. "Several million lumens bright." Oh, I remember those days. And how quickly they pass. Savor those moments!

    I'm doing 5 blogs for the Ato Z Blog Challenge this year. (I did 10 last year, but it was a LOT.) Hope you'll stop by at: Heart of a Ready Writer, Kicking MS to the Curb, The Mane Point: A Haven for Horse Lovers, Nicker and Ink Poetry & Humor, or Practically at Home. Happy A to Z April!

    1. Thank you, Linda for stopping by. 5 blogs is a lot!! I'm struggling to belt out one. :)


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