Sunday, April 5, 2015

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C is for crawl.

Or, one of the lessons my daughter taught me.
When it was past 5 months and it looked as though crawling would be a long way coming for my daughter, I started worrying. And fretting. I got very nervous, and got into bouts of tears.
It turned out all for naught.
She did start crawling a little near 8 months. Little paces with one knee and one foot. A little strange perhaps but it gets the work done. Now she gets all over the place and little underfoot.
(A cousin of mine never crawled. She scooted all over the place on her bottom. she went straight from sitting and sliding to walking.Others perhaps have similar stories.)
Anna's crawling is a source of never ending entertainment for us, always making us laugh at her strange method. She would crawl a few paces in a hurry, hear us laugh, look up at us, eyes twinkling, and then continue on towards her destination.
She gets there. She gets there fast. She doesn't care whether anyone laughs or not.
Lesson learned.

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