Sunday, October 27, 2013

Meeting Mary

It was with a bit of trepidation that I invited Mary Stanik the author of Life Erupted to meet my writers group. For one, we are a meagre group of three writers still learning the craft. Secondly it was a bit of a distance for Mary to travel, to introduce her book for a potential sale of ... ahem... three copies at the most.
But I invited her anyway. She accepted knowing the situation fully well. Very gracious of her.
The visit was extremely informative and also fun. Mary read some excerpts of her chapters. She has a knack with humor that I find quite rare. I've always contended that its tough to write humor. To have a way with words, to craft it cleverly so that mundane things and events get transformed into a delight to read and hear. That belongs to the realm where P.G.Wodehouse resides. And now, Mary Stanik owns a piece of real estate in that realm as well.
Mary also opened our eyes to Life After Publication. Its a different world these days, with authors having to maintain their own publicity platform on social media etc., whether self or traditionally published. The amount of sweat and $$ equity one has to invest to make sure that one's work gets the attention it deserves, is tremendous. 
Gave me cold feet. Reminded me of an article I read, subtitled: The rancid smell of 21st century literary success  by  Lionel Shriver
Mary is now working on her second novel. How does the superwoman do it, I wonder!

Last night I gave in to my insomnia and took out my copy of Life Erupted. It kept me company through the night. The story, told in a humorous vein, with memorable characters sits happy with me. Can't wait to finish it! 

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  1. Yeah being published is a lot more work than one would think, but definitely worth while. :-)


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