Sunday, September 14, 2014

A year rolls by

Its been almost a year since I last posted. Embarrassing, but there it is. Life got in the way some and some part was filled by my own inability to compose sentences.
Almost a year to this day, I was at my first book release party. Hopefully it wont be my last, though the pace at which my writing proceeded last year, it might well have been.

The next months after, were filled with the different shades of pregnancy. I'd have loved to narrate tales of a tough pregnancy but no, my daughter gave me a fairly smooth ride. Other than the sickness, tendonitis in both hands, gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, I felt the best, the prettiest ever.
Our daughter was born end of spring this year and now she has, in a way only she can, convinced me to write down all the stories and blogs that have been sitting in my head for a long time. She won't have boatloads of money as her inheritance, she'll have my words.
Not much worth in terms of bread and butter, yes. But there it is, my heart hung out on the line, online.
At the risk of sounding like a bowel movement, I'd say that I hope to be more regular in the coming days.
Perhaps wring the cork off the bottle neck.

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