Saturday, September 28, 2013

From the prairies...

My first book release party!

This was a long drive into the northern prairies with pines and lakes. Long stretches of corn and sunflower fields. Cows and horses lazing around in the sun. Happy. Soaking in the winds that
herald autumn. In a town called Menahga which means blueberry bush in the Chippewa language. Where I woke up early thinking,"Wha..! They're still celebrating July4th?" It took a few moments of waking up to realize that its the midst of duck hunting season and some hunter had had good luck. Hopefully. Being a city girl, I'd never awoken to gunshots before.

A gorgeous weekend, good writers and several readings later, I am humbled. Writers and poets who taught me something in their work. Something about writing style, technique or even human nature. Sigh. If only more people could express themselves like that, people would listen more and, the world would be an easier place to live in.
So, here is the book, the Talking Stick, Vol 22, where my story Intervention appears, along with some real good writers that I am honored to share the TOC with.

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