Monday, April 13, 2015

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K is for Kangaroo
And baby blues.
I believe every woman goes through at least a tiny bit of postpartum depression. After carrying another human being, coexisting in a manner of speaking...two people in one body. For thirty eight weeks. Then suddenly in a matter of hours for some, minutes for me, you are alone again. The physical toll is evident, the emotional toll should be expected as well.
I had some of the blues of course. I didn't carry my baby for the entire term. I was almost rushed into a c-section after thirty six weeks. At a strange level perhaps it was a feeling of being let down since I was promised I could care for my baby for some more time. Of course, the thought is silly but well there it is.  That coupled with sleep deprivation gave rise to a very strange combination. I cried for no reason. My temper kept flying off the handle. Insomnia haunted me.
In those blue mists, I wished I was a kangaroo. Female kangaroos have a pouch in which joeys complete postnatal development. I wished I was able to care for baby more intimately for some more time. Keeping her secure. Keeping her safe. 
I watch my baby now and I see her thriving. Slowly adapting to the wide new world. It's the way it's meant to be. Smiles. All around.
Yes, there's a reason I was made a human.


  1. yes very useful being a kangaroo in that circumstance - also it would mean you would not face the hell of fitting car seats..

  2. I too experienced those baby blues, and I wasn't remotely prepared for them. In fact, it wasn't until I was through the worst of them that I even recognized what had been going on. Brutal. And the guilt! I felt like such a crap mother because I wasn't enjoying every precious moment. It never occurred to me to want to be a kangaroo, but you make a very good case!

    1. Oh the Mommy Guilt! We are geared for it.
      Thank you for visiting!


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