Monday, June 3, 2013

Lessons from the garden - 1

This year I've been out in the garden the moment spring peeked out through the snow after the long, weary cold. By the end of winter, its wonderful standing out in the crisp breezes. If you listened carefully, you could hear the earth stretching and stirring slowly, waking up after the long cold sleep. Then when the winds warm up, the new growth gives me goosebumps. Just dancing in the winds and growing. The plants, they don't advise, they don't demand They somehow create an atmosphere so calm that it forces me to speak to myself. And listen. And so here goes random thoughts from my observations and experiences in the garden.

Dandelions on Earth
In the short time that spring has been here, we've been fighting what seems to be a losing battle against the ubiquitous and ever so hardy dandelions. They have to picked one by one. They are very healthy too, I hear. My friend Vaishali has a yummy recipe here.
But I see the frenzy with which they grow and multiply. The golden flowers so pretty and loud in the backdrop of bright green.
They are kind of like us.
We humans. Pretty, free thinking, and useful. Yet its the very quality that make us prolific which makes us a weed. We multiply, overflowing from land and seas, sometimes choking out the rest of the growth around us.
We are...
...the dandelions of Earth.


  1. I let my dandelions grow freely :) They are way more stubborn than me...


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