Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Z: Zym

I started this April A to Z challenge with an introduction to the protagonist of my novel The Healer. So I decided that I would end with the the world I've created. This is the world of Ariana and Farai. Of the evil Sephiroth with his unquenchable thirst for the ultimate power.
Zym is one of Earth's parallel worlds, where magic powers technology. This is a place where meadows and lakes and seas and rolling hills coexist as on Earth creating its own different kind of magic. No it doesn't have two moons nor does it revolve in a complex trajectory around two suns. Its just Earth, merely in a different dimension.
 I leave you with the scene where Ariana, suffering from amnesia, stranded on Earth, reaches Zym. 
Maybe the next mirror you see yourself in, is a portal to another world? A new kind of magic?
Try it. You may be pleasantly surprised.

pic: www.rubylane.com
All of a sudden, the butterfly flew into the mirror, leaving behind ripples on the amalgamated surface. Ripples so gentle, so faint and yet so transient. Startled, Ariana almost dropped her coffee cup. The jiggling was enough that the paper sleeve slipped off and jolted brown liquid to spill over the rim onto the mirror.

Then right before her eyes, the drops of coffee sank into the mirror, into the ripples that the butterfly had left behind. Now a small hint of panic crept into Ariana’s mind. She looked around. The shop was still empty and the owner was away at her corner, speaking into the phone.
Ariana reached out and touched the rippled corner of the mirror and watched, aghast as the tips of her fingers disappeared before her eyes. She felt nothing, though. She stretched her hand into the mirror further. Still nothing.
Further and further she pushed until her face reached the surface of the mirror and her reflection blurred.  A wild impulse gripped her and she shut her eyes.
I’m going to regret this tomorrow.
And Ariana took a step forward into the mirror.
It was akin to stepping into a refreshing pool on a hot summer day. An exhilarating, yet a slightly cold shock ran through her. She opened her eyes. 


  1. I feel like stepping into that mirror!

    So proud of you, sangi! I always feel inspired by you and your writing. Love you!

    1. Thank you Geeta! I am glad that I intrigued you!! :) Thank you for all your encouragement!

  2. would love to step into the mirror. :) is it from a forthcoming novel, or a story already published? Waiting to read it.

  3. Hi Geeta, Thanks for visiting. This is from my novel, The Healer. Some of the characters I talked about earlier are from this novel. Am right now in the the second edit.

  4. Yay for glimpses into your novel!
    If you have a description of Ariana handy, I'd love to try drawing her...


    1. Oooh I am honored. I will choose some clips so you'll get an idea. Thank you, Maia!


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