Sunday, April 7, 2013

F: Farai

Farai is the character in my novel that I most enjoyed writing. His role rises slowly from being a distinguished warrior to the ultimate mentor of the Healer.
He was Ariana's contemporary at the Temple of Learning where they honed the talents they were born with and taught a few more. The difference was that Ariana was trained a Healer and Farai, a warrior. Diametrically opposite.
Farai, as a warrior was taught the use of his spells to defend and in attack. His highly developed senses could help him feel the aura that evil emanates, rather like a bloodhound would seek out a particular person among a crowd. But among his skills was a special talent shared by rare few on Zym: the ability to travel the pathways between parallel worlds.
The only drawback was that away from Zym, this large, strong man could only exist as a Monarch butterfly. And now with only his orange wings to communicate, he was to bring an amnesia ridden Ariana back to Zym.
To mentor the woman he loved all his life who now had no recollection of him.
To help her regain her powers so that she could be closer to imminent death and fight a battle that seemed almost hopeless.
A vicious circle concocted by an evil fate.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Tim! I rather like him a lot too! :)

  2. Butterfly.. why Butterfly??? so which means he can only live for about a month as an adult butterfly??

    rare few can travel.. so which means Ariana is also one of the rare few..
    but then again if that is the case Ariana must be unique, to retain her current form in either of the parallel worlds...

    Nice.. seems interesting ..... powerful...cant wait to read ur book :D

  3. You got it, both about Farai and the butterfly and Ariana!
    You have just signed up as a beta reader! :)


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