Saturday, July 2, 2022

Collaborative split sequence with Reid Hepworth


A split sequence is basically three haiku that links with the lines of one central haiku. 

This was my second time collaborating with Reid, and we wanted a mellow mood with the ocean and its various avatars. Layers upon layers of different feelings surfaced.  These were mostly haiku. We were going to send it to a senryu journal failed haiku but somehow it worked, the editor liked it enough to accept it. 

Working with another poet, is supposed to be slightly challenging, since we poets are at the very least emotional, temperamental and creative. Our creative boundaries are fluid and the mere feeling that it may get encroached upon gives us shudders. But none of these with Reid. Such a wonder to work together. That is the essence of a good human being. I am so lucky to have such a good friend.

Here is the full issue of failed haiku #79, enjoy!

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Three haiku

I've always felt that if something happened three times, it's a sign of sorts. So when my haiku got featured three weeks in succession, I looked for meaning behind it. For yours truly, whose confidence is usually skimming the bottom of the barrel, who usually has a bad case of the imposter syndrome, this felt like a huge sign. Not a neon one blazing on all its batteries but a muted Batman sign reflected off a dark, cloudy sky. I'm probably ok. The 'ku were selected for publication in The Haiku Dialogue of The Haiku Foundation. Such a thing may never happen again, I may not be selected again, but that's a topic for another day.

Here's the site where you can find poems from really wonderful haijin; have a dekko.

Thursday, May 26, 2022

"Holy crapadoodle!"

I had heard of Ben Gaa from his poetry and heard him on Patricia's Poetry Pea podcast, which incidentally is my first haiku school. The one I very clearly remember is this one Pea TV Uncut Workshop: Ben Gaa – Haiku without me

When Reid Hepworth, my gifted haijin friend forwarded me the YouTube link where Ben Gaa spoke about my poem from the recent Acorn issue, I was stunned. It was one of the flattering reviews I have received and also one of the most humbling. 

My poem did have me in the haiku while at the same I was addressing a very universal issue. But his review of my haiku was brilliant, how he got nuances that I had never thought would come to light and also he, as a reader had his own world that he took my poem to, I was so touched. Bring out the hanky!

Here's one by Ben that I loved from his book One Breath. I remember smiling so wide at hearing this one. Thinking of all the weeds in my backyard but they were all identified. And then my mind travelled to the societal backyard as a whole. 

backyard weeds everyone has a name

-Ben Gaa

Thank you Ben for reviewing my haiku, and doing so, ever so kindly.

Haiku enthusiasts, do check out his channel, Haiku Talk I loved it, you will too!