Monday, April 29, 2013

X: Xavier and the X-men

X-men is a misnomer. This is because this team has real fierce women too. I know that writing about characters is probably a cop out but I love the concept that Stan Lee has produced. The idea has been used in several books and of course in movies like District 9 and Avatar. 'Normal' people are driven by fear of the unknown 'un-normal' (abnormal sounds strange in this context) and fear gives rise to violence and genocide. 

Professor Xavier and the X-men are mutant humans, hoping to use their mutant powers for good. The Professor and his team of Cyclops, Storm, Beast, Marvel Girl, and others battled Magneto and his troops, over many of my happy summer holidays. It was a great vehicle for venting out teenage angst and anger about injustice and inequality that I was going through.

I enjoyed the recent movies as well, great portrayal of Beast by Kelsey Grammer! And of course who could not like the sexy Patrick Stewart?

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