Tuesday, April 23, 2013

T: Tara

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/6/6b/Gone_with_the_Wind_cover.jpg/200px-Gone_with_the_Wind_cover.jpgTara, the O'Haras' plantation in Margaret Mitchell's epic Gone with the Wind. The main reason for the protagonist being who she was and what she did. The thing that she cherished most, the thing that mattered most was Tara. Scarlett was loyal to the land, and the land, in turn, to her. She was not the goody good heroine that most people are used to. She did what she did, for Tara. I had found that most appealing and new when I read it a long time ago.
The impossible nature of her infatuation for Ashley Wilkes, and the extent to which she would go to save Tara was incredible.
Margaret Mitchell was a writer par excellence. She wove words into an intricate and alluring tapestry that stayed with you for years after you first experienced it.

Only her feeling for Tara had not changed.
She never looked out of her window at green pastures and red fields and tall tangled swamp forest that a sense of beauty did not fill her. Her love for this land with its softly rolling hills of bright-red soil, this beautiful red earth that was blood colored, garnet, brick dust, vermilion, which so miraculously green bushes starred with white puffs, was one part of Scarlett which did not change when all else was changing.


  1. It's interesting how much red plays into this paragraph you cited and how Scarlett, by name, is red herself.

    1. So true! I never thought of the name! Yea, actually red does play into the novel a LOT! :)


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