Saturday, April 20, 2013

R: Rivendell

Rivendell illustration.jpg
Tolkein's painting. Pic credit: Wikipedia
[Frodo] walked along the terraces above the loud flowing Bruinen and watched the pale cool sun rise above the far mountains, and shine down, slanting through the thin silver mist; the dew upon the yellow leaves were glimmering, and the woven nets of gossamer twinkled on every bush.

This is Rivendell the land of Elrond. One of the most beautiful places in Tolkien's world of Middle Earth, a truly remarkable place in fiction, probably one of the most well known ones.
This was where Bilbo stopped on his way back from his adventures with the dragon. This was where his nephew Frodo was nursed back to health after brutal attack on him by the Wraiths. This was where the Fellowship of the Ring was formed and the adventure of Frodo's trip to Mordor actually began.
It was certainly a creation of the Master Fantasy Story Teller.
No parallel.

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  1. Interesting... Rivendell, from what you have stated, is a place in ficton. Had a question (apologies for my ignorance or stupidity :-)) - you as another fiction writer, would you be permitted to visit & stay at Rivendell? (as part of your fiction story)

    1. Its a great question! I know people have used characters and places from other fiction to write their own stories. E.g. Sherlock Holmes. There are so many new takes on the character! Holmes in USA, Holmes in modern times etc. But to tell you frankly I don't know how that works. If its copy righted then I guess one needs to pay to get the rights.
      As a fantasy writer I would rather make my own world than use a borrowed world. Unless its in an anthology where such limitations might be set to challenge the writer.
      Personally, I would love to spend a vacation in Rivendell!! :)

  2. I've always loathed Tolkein.... So I've never read far enough to make it to Rivendell.

    1. :) Sorry to hear that!
      Thanks for visiting.

  3. I've never felt tempted to read Tolkein, but Rivendell sounds like an intriguing place indeed! You have such a fantastic way of giving us a peek into your world through your evocative words! Thank you, Sangi.

    1. I admit, Tolkien is hard core fantasy. He was a master of his craft, I got introduced to fantasy when I read Hobbit, and I'm hooked, since!!

  4. I love Tolkien. Rivendell is a beautiful place!
    A to Z-ing to the end
    Peanut Butter and Whine

  5. Hi. New member here. Good choice for the letter R! Huge Tolkien fan. Rivendell was so beautiful in movie.


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