Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Upcoming publication!

Here it is, the spine and covers of An Uncommon Anthology!
The Anthology is brought together by Colorado Springs Fiction Writers Group and am honored to be one of the fifteen authors whose stories feature in this unique collection. It promises to be a great read!

As for my personal journey, I enjoyed crafting the story set in different places and I had a great time with Ezra the eccentric bookstore owner.

From the back cover:

Whether looking for change, making a wish, chasing a dream, or searching for a truth, there’s an exceptional little bookshop that has just what you need.
Librorum Taberna is no ordinary bookstore, and Ezra Finfrock is no ordinary proprietor. Immune to the laws of time and space, this bookstore appears to people who are seeking something different, wherever and whenever it’s needed. Though the shop is amazing, the books within Librorum Taberna are truly extraordinary. From mundane to magical, horrifying to humorous, these books have the power to change lives. Be warned, Ezra never guarantees the results, and he never gives a refund.
Since 1996, the Colorado Springs Fiction Writers Group has been helping local writers improve their craft. The fifteen authors featured in An Uncommon Collection explore the dusty aisles of Librorum Taberna and meet the quirky proprietor, Ezra Finfrock. What they uncover may even change your life.

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