Wednesday, April 25, 2012

V is for Vexed

So totally want to, like, stamp my foot, and, like, slam the door at the same time as want to, like, coolly raise my eyebrow, toss my head, you know, and, like, glide out or something? Confused, man, so totally, like, confused.

Vexed is, I think, a teenage emotion. Not the childlike agitation or the mature annoyance, but a teenage mix of both. A state combining baffle and anger. It lies in that misty region between confusion and irritation.
The apt feeling as one shops for a personality, as one tries them on to see which fits. Sometimes one by one, and sometimes, a mix. A flowing evening gown with cowboy boots and a holster. Verily vexing indeed.
This is the young, exact feeling for the capricious time between the blithe child and the wary adult. This word answers the apocalyptic call of the teenage angst.


  1. "The apt feeling as one shops for a personality, as one tries them on to see which fits."

    You're killing it every day. So good. And I have never considered "vexed" a teen emotion, but you're so right.

    1. Thanks, Tim! Never thought much about vexing until yesterday, to be frank. :)

  2. I want to wear an evening gown with cowboy boots AND a holster! I always thought of Vexed as a grandmotherly emotion. But maybe I was wrong.

    1. You know, its something I do all the time. Extended teenage, you think?
      Seeing Vex as teenage is my take. It may be the pink sweatered, silver fluffy haired grammy's too. :)

    Going to turn nineteen this year and then an end to all my teenaged days . :P Feeling vexed is something that won't end with them I'm sure.
    Like I'm telling you man.

  4. It's funny...I have always thought of vexed as a Victorian Era word. Lizzie Bennett's mother used it quite often in P and P! Teens, although vexed, are so because of's all about 'me'. Good choice for 'V'! Just stopping by from the Challenge...


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