Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D is for Delight

The true delight is in the finding out rather than in the knowing.
-- Isaac Asimov

In the finding out.

Does true delight lie in the journey rather than in the destination? This perhaps borders on philosophy but does delight lie in the process of reaching rather than being there?

I can definitely vouch for some feelings. Like breathing deep the sweet fragrance of gardenias. Or swirling the taste of sugary rice pudding around the tongue. I would love the moment to last longer. But the duration is always ever so short. The feeling however is as strong as it can ever get, given all the time in the world.  Delight lies in the ever so transitory instant of time!

Then I think about the overpowering surge of feeling on achievements. On attaining the goal, on reaching the destination. But I think that may be a slightly different shade of emotion, perhaps for the 21st of April -- Satisfaction?


  1. Delight for me is the expression of joy that babies have - especially when they see dogs.

  2. Delight is when I play my guitar, once new strings have been attached to it. :D

  3. So true! Delight is transitory, and it's probably a good thing because it's a very potent drug.

  4. This sounds like my hubby and his usual philosophy " enjoy the journey, take delight in the simple things on the way " All this, while we are on E on gas, with nothing but stretches of empty lands as far as the eye can see, a growling stomach, even worse a real sense of urgency that you can't control- but you are supposed to take delight ???

  5. You have such a poetic way with worrds.


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