Sunday, May 4, 2008

Let's play ball!

So it was,
After years of living in the US, I finally made it to a ball game, thanks to Tim. And wonderful seats way down near the field.

Denver, the mile high city (Go Rockies!). There's a line in the stadium marking this, to show you if you really are in the nose bleed section or not!
Sure this game was not probably optimistic enough for the home fans to fill in the seats but the stadium did have a respectable fill.

We did the usual hot dog and beer thing and feasted on nachos, peanuts in their shells, sunflower seeds. The worst part of it all for me was the disposing of the darned peanut shells.
Pavol suggested "You are supposed to chuck it under your seat"

And I am thinking, "WHAT! Are we to be little piggies now?"

Then Seema puts it into another perspective "There are people who are paid to clean up afterwards, and expect this!" The 'this' was bottles, peanut shells and paper underneath seats. So I go, what the heck, I can do this!

It was good game, lots of action and some home runs. Wonderful, I screamed myself hoarse! But I was a big disappointment to the gang when I didn't jump across when a ball ricocheted into our stands. While I was looking someplace else, the ball was caught by a Dodgers fan sitting a couple seats away, falling over a little 4-odd year old Rockies girl. The little fan got really whacked and wailed away, inspiring the remaining Rockies fans to bully the poor Dodgers catcher into giving up his souvenir to the little one. Of course later on the well behaved girl gave back the good 'uncle' (who may have saved her from the ball slamming into her head) the ball. So, in the end of that little bonus drama in the ball game in our stands, all were happy.

The Dodgers won, making Seema happy, and the rest of us pouting away (but we knew that anyway, Rockies is not much of a team compared to the Dodgers).

I am not a big fan of watching sports on TV, especially baseball. All these years I could never figure what beckons people to the idiot box to watch tobacco chewing folks throwing balls and whacking it around with a stick. Don't get me wrong, I couldn't figure it out for cricket in India either. But then I watched this Dodgers vs. Rockies game at the Coors field and I got it. It was mainly the game of course but the difference was that you were a part of it all. You get to participate, sing the seventh inning song all 20,000 people at once, scream at the players, eat hot dogs, peanuts, candy floss and make friends with the folks sitting around you.

I figure (again) for all that technology does to help you exist all by yourself, you are, after all a social being, and actual human contact makes a difference. All the difference.

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